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This year I was introduced to a really cool math strategy called SUBITIZING. It's similar to quick images. Subitizing is simply the ability to quickly identify the number of objects in a set without counting. There are two types of Subitizing. Perceptual Subitizing is the instant visual recognition of a pattern such as numbers in a ten frame. Conceptual Subitizing involves recognizing smaller groups and adding them together, for example four dots plus two dots equals six dots.

I show my kiddos a dot card, ten frame, a domino, etc. for about three seconds because I don't want my kids to count the dots. Then I ask them what did they saw. My kiddos come up with answers like "I saw 7 dots" "I saw 4 dots on the top and 3 dots on the bottom" "I know 4 and 3 is 7" "I saw a group of 4 and a group of 3." It's amazing how their number sense has improved tremendously. 

Do you want to try it out? Here's a Subitizing freebie for you.

Download Here

I just added a Subitizing pack. It has Subitizing cards for all year long.
You can grab it here.


This packet contains the following Subitizing cards:
Large five frames
Large ten frames
Dot cards
Tally Marks
Gumball Subitizing
Seasonal ten frames ( a set of cards for each month)

 Have Fun Subitizing!

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