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Apple Day


We had a BLAST this past Friday celebrating Apple Day. After learning all about apples we rotated through 15 apple stations as a culmination of all that we learned. I don’t know about you but I only have like 5 minutes (maybe like 20 but it goes so fast) to teach Science so this a great way in order to review all that we have learned about apples. The stations are spread out around the classroom and they get to choose wherever they want to go. Most of the stations I limit it to three students. Before we start I go over the directions of each station and then they were off. Here are some pictures and descriptions of some of the fun that we had during Apple Day.


Here is how I setup the stations. I copy and prep everything and put them into folders. Then I use the folders for signs. It works out perfectly.
Apple Day Crown
We created crowns first thing in the morning. My kiddos absolutely love crowns. It’s so funny how the boys go around saying that they are the king!
Apple Life Cycle
For this station the students color and cut out the apple life cycle. Then they glue it in order on a sentence strip.
The Parts of an Apple
The students were given an apple and discussed the parts of it. Then they labeled an apple.

Apple Observation 
We had some whole apples and some cut in half. The students observed the apples and answered some question about them.

Apple Volcanoes

We did this station together. Can we say it would have been a mess if we didn’t? This was their favorite activity. Beforehand I created a hole about halfway in the apples using an apple corer. Then we put the apples in a bowl. The students put one spoonful of baking soda inside of the apple. Then I poured red tinted vinegar in each. Guess what happened next!!! Super fun

    Apple Q-Tip Skip Counting
 A few of my kiddos love to paint so here is where they hung out. They used Q-Tips and paint to create “apples” on the baskets.

 How to Make Applesauce

This was also a favorite station. We made applesauce in a crockpot in the morning. It so was yummy! 
   Johnny Appleseed
      We have been reading about Johnny Appleseed so the students were about to write a few sentence about him on the tin hat pattern. One of my kids wanted to wear it too. He wanted a double crown.
 Apple Patterns
The students had to figure out the AB, ABC, AABB patterns on each card and find the correct apple.

Apple Taste Test
Another yummy station. The students taste tested apples, applesauce, and apple pie and decided which one was their favorite. Apple Pie won!
Apple Make 10
Students had a chance to review Make 10. We have a test on it soon.

 Apple Measurement  
The students loved measuring each other with apples.

Apple Addition
At this station there were different addition mats so that the students could make addition number sentences.
Apple Torn Paper Craft 
This was the most relaxing station. I spent some time there myself. My students had to tear construction paper in order to fill in the apple pattern.
Favorite Apple Graph
I cut up red, yellow, and yellow apples.  I had kids taste one of each. This station was hilarious. I had so many kids coming back to this one over and over again. The green apples were the favorite!

So that was our day. It was super fun! For clean-up I just put the extra copies and materials back in the folders and then it’s all ready for next year! Apple Day can be completed in one day or over a week. If want to have an Apple Day, you can grab a copy here. Or you can pick up Pumpkin Day here.

Have a great week!



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